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SEX and Gender specific Health  B. SEX and Gender Health certificate

Anyone who completes all five SGSH Learning Modules will automatically earn the Sex & Gender Specific Health Certificate! The certificate can be found on your “My Account” page on the SGSH website. You may print or download the certificate for your records.


Earning this certificate is equivalent to 10 hours of Continuing Education in Sex and Gender Health AND it qualifies you to join the Sex and Gender Health Collaborative (SGHC) Practitioner Registry!


As a member of the SGHC Practitioner Registry, you will be listed as an expert in Sex and Gender Health. This registry will be available to the public as they seek out healthcare providers trained in sex and gender health. If you are a resident or student, you will be invited to join the affiliate program.


Follow the below link and click on “Practitioner Education” then “SGBH Practitioner Registry” for more information and to join the registry: https://www.amwa-doc.org/sghc/sgbm-practitioner-registry-2/




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