Module Completion Certificates

Osteoporosis - Part 1 Osteoporosis - Part 2 Osteoporosis - Part 3
Diabetes - Part 1 Diabetes - Part 2 Diabetes - Part 3
Cardiovascular - Part 1 Cardiovascular - Part 2 Cardiovascular - Part 3
Alcohol Use Disorder - Part 1 Alcohol Use Disorder - Part 2 Alcohol Use Disorder - Part 3
Infectious Disease - Part 1 Infectious Disease - Part 2 Infectious Disease - Part 3
If you have completed all three parts of all 5 modules, Click here.

Anyone who completes ALL FIVE SGSH Learning Modules will automatically qualify for the Sex & Gender Specific Health Certificate!

If you are a professional, this certificate qualifies you to join the Sex and Gender Health Collaborative (SGHC) Practitioner Registry!

As a professional member of the SGHC Practitioner Registry, you will be listed as an expert in Sex and Gender Health. This registry will be available to the public as they seek out healthcare providers trained in sex and gender health. This registry is not available to students at this time.

Once you complete all five SGSH learning modules, you will receive an email detailing how you can apply for the Sex & Gender Specific Health Certificate and a link to the Sex and Gender Health Collaborative (SGHC) Practitioner Registry.

Certificate Validation Link: (Use this link to validate the authenticity of your completion certificate. Please have the Unique ID and the title of the module/part from your certificate handy) Validate Completion Certificate

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